GUSD Dress Code

In accordance with Board Policy 5136, district regulations state:

"The Board prohibits the presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook or manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute which incites students to create a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on school premises, the violation of lawful school regulations or the substantial disruption of the school's orderly operation by reasons of its association with gangs who conduct such activities."

The following Dress Code Policy will be enforced for grades TK-12:

  • No caps or hats on campus except for the official school or district hat and on specific spirit days.

ADB exception, hats may be worn at recess for sun purposes.

  • It is not appropriate to wear bare midriffs, bare backs, short shorts or mini-skirts.

  • Mid-thigh (fingertip length) shorts are acceptable.

  • Closed shoes must be worn at all times. Laces must be tied.

  • Articles of clothing, jewelry, or accessories that could pose a threat to the physical well-being and safety of the student or other students may not be worn (i.e. wallet chains, dangling and spike earrings).

  • Shirts and blouses must have a minimum strap width of 1.5 inches.  

  • Armholes, fronts or backs must not be deep cut.

  • Garments which reference promoting the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco are not acceptable. Also, no obscene messages are allowed.

  • Bandanas, bandana print paraphernalia, or gang insignias are not allowed.

  • Tagging of any sort on any book, book bag, skin, or item is not acceptable.

  • Pants worn below the waistline are unacceptable, sagging pants will not be allowed. Undergarments must not be showing at any time.

There will be ZERO tolerance for any gang-like clothing, apparel, jewelry, backpacks, or accessories.  

For more information on Gilroy Unified School District's Dress Code, please click here.